Acoustic Insulation for the Building Industry. Soundproofing products for Floors, Walls and Roofs.


AETOLIA VZ: Silence has found Home



Aetolia VZ is a leader in the production of materials with the highest performances specifically designed for Buildings Acoustic Insulation.

To satisfy any kind of demand Aetolia VZ proposes a vast range of Acoustic Insulation products divided into four main lines: Acoustic Insulation products for Floors, Acoustic Insulation products for Walls, Acoustic Insulation products for Roofs, Fixtures and Accessories which are typical of theAetolia Line, the leading brand to obtain the Maximum Acoustic Insulation. Then we have the SIL + Line, born to guarantee very good performances of Acoustic Comfort, and in the end the New Meridiana Line, studied to develop anti vibration solutions with high technological contents for Railways and Tram Systems.

Every day the research laboratories of Aetolia VZ, Leading Company for Acoustic Insulation, are committed in the designing of Insulating Products of excellent performances, to offer its customers the highest quality soundproofing solutions.
Thanks to an efficient customer care, Aetolia Vz studies personalized Acoustic Insulation Solutions with different types of applications, to offer the best performances with regards to buildings noise absorbance.

The offer is concentrated in particular to Walls, Floors and Roofs Acoustic Insulation. The wide range includes the following articles:


  • Acoustic Insulation products for the Floor, wide range of soundproofing and against impact sound noise systems which satisfy every acoustic insulation needs, for all floor typology and building use destination;
  • Acoustic Insulation products for Walls, multiple typology of acoustic insulation to guarantee to any wall structure a reduction of airborne noise (voice, tv, stereo, etc.) and better thermal conditions;
  • Acoustic Insulation products for Roofs, soundproofing products for various typology of construction and industrial buildings, that ensure a better liveability, a considerable economic saving and the possibility to use the attic for housing purposes;
  • Acoustic Insulation products for Fixtures, covering for plastic pipes in draining fixtures (washing machine, wc, dishwasher, etc.) suited to diminish the acoustic pollution inside the premises or to prevent the outer pollution; effective solutions for either Industrial and Building use;
  • Anti Vibrations Insulation products, solutions to reduce vibrations generated by railway and tram systems, suited not only to protect the people acoustic comfort inside the buildings, but also to avoid compromising the structures functionality;
  • Insulation Accessories, simple but effective and easy to use products, as self adhesive materials, to complete and finish off the insulating system in an appropriate manner without margins of error.

All products are manufactured with recycled material, a truthful commitment to Environmental Sustainability. The Research and Development Investment is aimed to offer, day by day, efficient products from the Innovation and Environmental point of view, because the Company believes in the project for a better future society, and a better relationship with their customers.

The Acoustic Insulation products by Aetolia VZ are also Certified Products and tested to guarantee performances complying with the current Acoustic Insulation Regulation. Training and regular updating are the foundation to have competent operating and commercial technicians within the Acoustic Insulation area.


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